Once upon a time, I was small, snugly wrapped and placed in a hollow on the side of a hill under an old oak tree. The smells of the freshly dug earth, the sun dappling on my face and the gentle rocking of the tree were my companions. Wind gusts rustled my hair and leaves visited me while I gazed up and waved my arms in celebration. Acorns and bugs watched while the grasses danced and whispered me to sleep.

The intimate woodland magic I once knew, shapes and defines my body of work. I strive to rejoin with that extraordinary and marvelous something. Like an offering, I create pieces that allow the personality of every natural object define its use. Through emphasis of movement, texture and scale I add metalwork to give honor to the distinct beauty of these objects. Much like the landscape of the body, these pieces are both fragile and strong. The ritual of wearing my work may be all that is needed to recreate these moments I first experienced as a child.